What’s New


  • Choose the job scheduler to be configured on your cluster (SLURM, Grid Engine, OpenLava, TORQUE or PBS)

  • Preselect Gridware depots to install on the cluster - your software is ready to use from the word go

  • Additional options for formatting and structuring the storage layout of the cluster, including:

    • EBS storage volume type
    • Separating partitions for home and applications directories
    • Seting encryption policies on volumes
    • Configuring local scratch space
  • Extended Alces Gridware Docker features - including

    • Image sharing
    • Local registries
    • MPI container execution
    • Custom volume mounts
  • The new c5, h1, p3, m5 & x1e AWS instances are now available for selection

  • Flight can be launched in the new AWS region eu-west-3 (Paris)

  • Personal Gridware - install any of the Gridware apps to your user directory

  • New cluster dashboard - Flight Launch - replaces the previous dashboard


  • New default job scheduler - SLURM
  • The login node is now set to a more powerful node type
  • Even more node types to choose from
  • The Alces Gridware command now supports building of Docker containers
  • Extended customization profile functionality - setup your environment how you want

For more information, see https://community.alces-flight.com/t/new-version-2017-1-of-alces-flight-is-now-available-in-the-aws-marketplace