Launching on IBM SoftLayer

Alces Flight Compute Solo can be launched on the IBM SoftLayer cloud service to give you access to your own, private HPC cluster using configurable infrastructure. Users and administrators have the opportunity to configure their cluster to include whatever resources they need, purchased directly from IBM via a convenient web-interface. Single-user Flight Solo clusters can be launched using your SoftLayer resources by following the documentation referenced below. For more information about running a persistent, multi-user HPC cluster on IBM SoftLayer, please contact the Alces Flight sales team to explore the options available.


  • An IBM SoftLayer account
  • At least two SoftLayer servers, each with at least 2 CPU cores and 2GB RAM
  • A client machine from which to access your compute cluster
  • An SSH keypair added to your SoftLayer account for your login user

Next Steps

Once your cluster is deployed, users can following the documentation included on this site to help them install software, run workloads and configure their cluster further.